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We are reliable because:

  • EF is holding licenses from Europe, Australia & Asia Pacific.
  • Static, Low & Tight spreads.
  • Trade Gold [XAU], Silver [XAG] & other Commodities.
  • Minutely updated Gold & Silver News.
  • Start trading with 200$ onwards or equivalent in your currency.
EFD Investments
EFD Investments
EFD Investments/

EFD Investments is an introducing broker of a reputed European company. We are online representative based in middle east region.

Our team members are serving clients from different parts of the world. We are instantly in touch with our Parent Company and reporting them on daily basis.

The duties of an IB is to generate the business by promoting and advertising the product of his company, therefore we don’t have any access on client’s money, as deposit and withdrawal matures between our Parent Company and clients directly with full of security and protection.

Success stories of this session

Featured testimonials

 Thank you for your service, I have been quite impressed so far. 

Prashant Vyas

Delhi, India

 I#39;m really amazed by the accuracy of your signals. 

Arvind Rawat

Delhi, India

 You guys are awesome. Would not believe it if not seen with my own eyes 



 I would like to say regardless of what I read on other web sites your signals and strategies are really excellent and entries are accurate. 

Shikha Kaur

Moradabad, India

 Great job this month. Thanks. 

Ajay Sharma

Allahbad, India

 My results in the past have been decent but now with your signals they are incredible. 

Vinty Singh

Delhi, India

 This is by far the best signal service I have used. 

Ruchika Sagwan

Orissa, India

 Thank you for the service. I am very impressed 

Ehsaan Aalam

Navi Mumbai, India

 EFD strategy is a wonderful trading method helps me to become a successful and profitable trader. 

 Hettie's strategy is a wonderful trading method helps me to become a successful and profitable trader. 

Farida Hussain Sabir

Rajasthan, India

 No more speculation no more shots. EFD has changed the way of planning my future!! Thank you! 

Naresh Jain

Rajasthan, India

 Extremely helpful, professional and straight to the point 

Saurabh Shukla

Ghaziabad, India

 I am more than satisfied with EFD service; very professional and transparent.  

 Thanks for your excellent support 

Suresh kalyan

Daadri, India

 I have shared with many clients about EFD service and programs because of its stable trading system. 

Gautam Suri

Delhi, India

 Thanks for your helpful explanation! 

Virender Singh

Kota, India

 EFD INvestment is the best service provider for gold and silver trading.I recommend every trader to contact EFD. 

Preeti Gujral

Kolkata, India

 Forex trading is not that much easy buy trading with EFD is extremely easy and profitable. 

Gaurav Singh

kanpur, India

 I appreciate EFD a lot becasue they halped me in getting good profit from gold and silver.So far 2000+ USD profit. 

Shaurav Sharma

Delhi, India

 Thank you so much for looking through everything so thoroughly. I am happy with my trading career so far as i have managed to get good profit. 

Swati Sharma

Orissa, India

 Forex trading is confusing but they made it easy. Thank you EFD. 

Aziz Rustagi

Dewas, India

 I love EFD investments just because of their outstanding services and results 

Kanika Verma

Dubai, U.A.E

 Best website and outstanding service.Many thanks. 

Farida Khan

Rajasthan, India

 No more technicals no more fundamentals. EFD has changed the way of planning my future!! Thank you! 

Mohan Sehrawat

Rajasthan, India

  This is my first experience with EFD Investments and I am very much happy and satisfied.So thank you EFD. 

Shilpa verma

Chennai, India

 EFD Investments is the best company to trade in gold and silver online. Superb results. 

Sunny singh

Ghaziabad, India

 So far so good. EFD helped me in getting consistent profit from market.Thank you. 

Munira Yusuf

Dubai, U.A.E

 The best way to earn money is strategical training, no work out, no technicals , no fundamentals..simply superb 

Varun Singh

Rohtak, India

 I was simply scaring with online trading, but now i have full faith over EFD Investments 

Abhinav Singh

Delhi, India

 EFD become a source of income for me! This is the best website to trade in gold and silver 


Rajasthan, India

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