EFD Investments/

We are reliable because:

  • EF is holding licenses from Europe, Australia & Asia Pacific.
  • Static, Low & Tight spreads.
  • Trade Gold [XAU], Silver [XAG] & other Commodities.
  • Minutely updated Gold & Silver News.
  • Start trading with 200$ onwards or equivalent in your currency.
EFD Investments
EFD Investments
EFD Investments/

EFD Investments is an introducing broker of a reputed European company. We are online representative based in middle east region.

Our team members are serving clients from different parts of the world. We are instantly in touch with our Parent Company and reporting them on daily basis.

The duties of an IB is to generate the business by promoting and advertising the product of his company, therefore we don’t have any access on client’s money, as deposit and withdrawal matures between our Parent Company and clients directly with full of security and protection.

EFD Investments

1. We have a good vision towards our clients and our focus is only.


2. Forex can be easy

Many traders believe that forex is difficult and complicated.
Our motto is to make this market easy and approchable for every individual to trade in market

3. Forex can be exciting

You should be financially strong.
We enjoy forex a lot
We will try to make it exciting for you

4. Forex world is very competitive

Our motto is to be creative and finding more ways to give you maximum output from forex.

5. Forex can be a tough game. But we are with you

We are very true and transparent
We will never hide anything from you
Truth and humanity are the base of our company.

6. Forex trading is serious, but can be fun

We are very approachable for our clients
Our staff is dedicated, hard working and professional

7. We will be always there for you.

We are completely ready.
Are you ready?

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