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We are reliable because:

  • EF is holding licenses from Europe, Australia & Asia Pacific.
  • Static, Low & Tight spreads.
  • Trade Gold [XAU], Silver [XAG] & other Commodities.
  • Minutely updated Gold & Silver News.
  • Start trading with 200$ onwards or equivalent in your currency.
EFD Investments
EFD Investments
EFD Investments/

EFD Investments is an introducing broker of a reputed European company. We are online representative based in middle east region.

Our team members are serving clients from different parts of the world. We are instantly in touch with our Parent Company and reporting them on daily basis.

The duties of an IB is to generate the business by promoting and advertising the product of his company, therefore we don’t have any access on client’s money, as deposit and withdrawal matures between our Parent Company and clients directly with full of security and protection.

EFD Investments A live conversation with one of our success story.

Person was not having any sort of knowledge related to Forex Trading,
Let us have a look, how he joined us and became a successful trader.

Hey dude! We heard from our support that you are interested in Forex Trading.


Thats really great!

Is it free? Or any sort of investement is there?

Well its not an ad clicking programe dude, its a business, do you think any business can start without investment?

Oh! But I dont know. So how can I trust you? How to be ensure that my money is safe?

You dont know us, but I am sure you will be knowing about licensing which a forex broker carries from the central government.

I see, I will take a start from small amount inorder to get assure from services.

Perfect, even I was about to tell you this :)

Ok, then tell me how to start the run?

How much money you are looking for investment initially?

1000 USD.

Ok! What you would like to trade with us?

As you know, I am a fresher, what you would suggest?

I would suggest you Gold!!

I am ready, but is there any chance of a huge loss in trading?

As I told you earlier its a business so profit and loss both terms should be in consideration, but again we are here to make profits not for making losses, as you have seen in testimonials we have made a lot of success stories.

Yes I have gone through that, your testimonials pushed me towards your support.

What if we talk something about our business now, inorder to clear the picture of profit and loss, are you ready?

Very much!

Which watch you are wearing my friend?

It is Rolex Gold.

I see! When did you buy it if you dont mind dude?

Before three months ago.

How much you have paid for it?

500 USD.

And what is the current cost of this watch?

Price came down, now it is 450 USD.

I see, means fluctuation is there, right?

Yes Sir, off course fluctuation is there.

Can you call to that showroom, and ask them what is the lowest cost of this watch they have seen till date?

Ok Calling! Asked! He is telling 250 USD before 10 years.

Perfect, do you think my friend, it can be cheaper then 250 USD which is almost 10 years low?

Price may go down my friend but I dont think lower then 250USD.

Can I ask you something Dude?


I have 5000 USD can we start Rolex watch buying and selling business?

Ok I am ready.

What is the current cost of this watch?

I told you above, it is 450 USD.

EF is buying a watch (first watch at the rate of 450 USD). Now my remaining equity (Balance) is 4550 USD.
What is the current rate of Watch?

400 USD.

EF is buying a watch again (Second watch at the rate of 400USD). Now my remaining equity (Balance) is 4150 USD.
After few days Rate is 450 USD again
EF is selling a watch (The second watch which was bought in 400 USD). (50 Profit) Now my equity is 4600 USD.
After few days Rate is 350 USD
EF is buying a watch (Third watch at the rate of 350 USD). Now my equity is 4250 USD.
After few days Rate is 300 USD
EF is buying one watch (Fourth watch at the rate of 300 USD). Now my equity is 3950 USD.
After few days Rate is 400 USD
EF is selling the third Watch which was purchased at 350 USD (50 profit) and Fourth Watch which was purchased at 300 USD (100 profit). Now my equity is 4750 USD.
After few days rate is 550 USD.
EF is selling very first watch which was purchased at 450 USD (100 profit) and Second watch which was purchased at 400 USD (150 PROFIT). Now my equity is 5850 USD.
Did you see Sir how I made 850 USD?

yes its amazing, and what about if it could fall upto 50 USD?

That is the point, base on your equity (CAPITAL) we decide the strategy of buying and selling so that if market will crash unexpectedly you wont be at looser end.
If you do not have much equity (CAPITAL) we will never suggest you any strategy which carries often Buyings.

I see!! If I do not have much money then I have to keep big gaps in between two deals.

Yes, you got it!!!

How we will apply this with Gold dear?

What is the rate of Gold now?

Near 1700 USD per ounce.

How much equity do you have?

1000 USD.

Follow me:

I am with you.

Consider the whole case of Rolex watch it is going to be the same,

I see.

So the Gold rate is 1700USD per ounce, lets take a start and do the following:
Buy: One ounce at 1700, one ounce at 1670, one ounce at 1640 respectively,
You will be having three lots with you, right?
First at 1700
Second at 1670
Third at 1640
I am sure you know what to do next :)
When Gold goes up you have to start selling from lower lots for example:
If gold is going upto 1650 You can sell the third lot(1640) Profit 10USD
If coming down again you should buy if going up again your have to sell just like we did above for watches.

I see its interesting!

Base on your equity you have to maintain the gaps in between two lots.

I see its clear to me.

If you have a minute confusion we are always available on support 24/7.

Thanks for the explanation, it really helped me.

If you want to test your self for couple of weeks, we do have simulator and demo applications, which will build confidence in you before starting mature trading!

This is nice one.

Jumping back to your question, Tell me do you see any loss my friend?

Not at all, if I will trade with small volume(one watch) instead of trading big volumes(many watches).

Wow you got it, friend its better to make small profits rather then loosing big money!

I am ready to start the account.

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